Something new for last week’s District Docklands Market

Every time before going to a market, I love working on improving the display. For me it’s a never-ending journey, and it’s so much fun! It allows me to show different products and ideas to my customers at their very best. There are some limitations in realising the ideal design in my case, for example my car is a tiny corolla hatch which means that anything oversized is out of the question. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s the little things that can be done to make it a little bit better than before.

This time, I make use of a piece of perspex, and a plywood off-cut and place them on top of the base of the clothes rack. Ta-da! Now my customers can clearly see the eftpos sign, as well as the extra coasters designs that I don’t have space on the single display shelf(I have 2 shelves but choose to only use one for undercover stall) for them:)
As a result people didn’t have to ask me to find out if they can pay by card 🙂 I am very happy that this little solution brings some simplicity in the shopping!

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